John Lydon Shouts Down Susanna Reid During Good Morning Britain Row Over Trump: 'Let Me Finish!'

The former Sex Pistols frontman launched a passionate defence of the US president.

John Lydon shouted down Susanna Reid during a clash over Donald Trump on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

The former Sex Pistols frontman, who is currently residing in California, launched a passionate defence of the US president during the ITV breakfast show’s coverage of the election.

And when Susanna challenged his statements about Trump, John shouted at her to “let him finish”.

Discussing how Trump is not a career politician, he told the show: “How unusually, exceptionally wonderful is that for people like me, working class people?

“We’re bored with your intellectual left-wing ideas. We can’t take much more of you. You talk twaddle. Everything you do, you just miss the point, of who the general population are…”

John Lydon and Susanna Reid
John Lydon and Susanna Reid

When Susanna questioned: “But what about his rudeness? What about his obnoxiousness?”, John shouted into the camera: “No, let me finish.”

As Susanna tried to laugh off John’s outburst at her, he continued: “It does nothing for these people, nothing. This is why they now support him so loyally, because he’s the only hope.

“Now you can call him a narcissist , you can call him nasty, many different things, this fella, but he’s the only hope.”

At the end of the chaotic interview, Piers Morgan laughed: “Fantastic talking to you, that’s certainly woken everyone up... That could be the interview of the morning.”

Last month, John claimed he’d be “daft as a brush not to” vote for Trump in the election, despite supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Barack Obama before that.

In an interview with the Guardian, John said he supports Trump because of the economy, adding: “I’d be daft as a brush not to [vote for him]. He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is up – he’s incapable of being the man at the helm.”

In a separate interview with the BBC, he was also quoted as saying: “He’s an individual thinker, I’ll give him that for a start. He’s not the most lovable fellow on God’s earth, but I cannot see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution.

“It’s bad person or not. I don’t want a politician running this world anymore.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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