24/10/2012 13:06 BST

'Drunk Jeff Goldblum' Is Our New Favourite Thing (VIDEO)

Like most of our favourite things on the internet, the science behind this idea is very simple, very brilliant and very silly indeed.

It is namely that if you slow down footage of Jeff Goldblum talking, he sounds like he's drunk.

And, thanks to Mr Goldblum's ads for Apple and current ads for PayPal, it's becoming an ever-expanding meme.

So we tip our hat to tweeter @SimonNRicketts for alerting us to the video above, and as a result, to all the other Drunk Jeff Goldblum videos below, which include those Paypal and Apple ads, 'Jurassic Park' scenes and more...

Drunk Jeff Goldblum

Although we have to say, it still has a way to go before it beats this, our all-time favourite fake-drunk video on the YouTubes. Take it away, baby!