24/10/2012 10:42 BST

Mitt Romney And Barack Obama Appear On 'The X Factor' (VIDEO)

Apparently, there are some Americans who still haven't decided who to vote for in the presidential election. No, really.

We can only sigh, shake our heads in bewilderment, and direct them to the video above which addresses, finally, the question we've all been wondering. Namely: which presidential candidate has The X Factor? Or at least: which presidential candidate would fare best on 'The X Factor'?

Yes, click play on 'The X Factor USA's' video above (yes, they made it themselves. It's like they work in telly, or something!) to see Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and their fellow judges give their feedback on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

It's pretty great stuff - though we have to say, they don't quite have the homespun charm that Ed Miliband did when he appeared on 'The Voice'. Take it away, Ed!