29/10/2012 13:50 GMT

Man Breaks World Record Carrying 51 Wine Glasses In One Hand (PHOTOS)

Congratulations to Philip Osenton - former head sommelier at London's Ritz and Savoy - who's just broken the world record for carrying the most wine glasses in one hand. (Now, there's a man in desperate need of a large tray, if you ask us.)

Wine consultant Philip smashed the previous record of 39 glasses, which was set in 2007 by a Filipino man in a Barcelona restaurant.

Philip told the Daily Mail: "The carrying of glasses is a sommelier thing. When I was head sommelier at the Ritz hotel, I've had a 140-cover restaurant to set up in the morning between breakfast and lunch. So basically, with two glasses per setting, I had got 280 glasses to put out within a very short amount of time."

So how did he do it? Click through our slideshow to find out. Oh, and a word to the wise: don't try this at home. You'll only have to spend the rest of the day sweeping up broken glass, then queuing in Homebase for new ones...