30/10/2012 15:49 GMT | Updated 31/10/2012 16:13 GMT

Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Shows Scenes Of 'Apocalyptic' Devastation (PICTURES)

Scenes of devastation were witnessed across the East Coast on Tuesday, as Americans woke up to apocalyptic-scale destruction.

Superstorm Sandy tore through neighbourhoods, falling trees ploughed through houses and tidal surges left cars submerged in water.


Neighbourhoods were decimated across New York


A 168-foot water tanker, the John B. Caddell, sits on the shore Tuesday morning, Oct. 30, 2012 where it ran aground on Front Street in the Stapleton neighborhood of New York's Staten Island as a result of superstorm Sandy

Meanwhile, houses were left charred and blackened after a blaze in Queens district New York, with residents watching as firefighters continued to put out smouldering pockets.

The full extent of the damage wreaked by mother nature overnight was now visible.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweeted: "We will get through the days ahead by doing what we always do in tough times: standing tgthr to get the city we love back on its feet."

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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy clean up operation

Hurricane Sandy