31/10/2012 09:19 GMT

Saudi Arabian Wedding Guests Killed After Celebratory Gunfire Takes Down Power Line

Twenty five people have died and dozens others have been injured after celebratory gunfire at a Saudi Arabian wedding downed a power line and caused an electrical fire, according to reports.

The high-voltage cable electrified a metal door as it fell and guests were electrocuted as they tried to leave the courtyard at a house in Ain Badr village, near Abqaiq, Reuters reported.


The disaster occurred in the oil-rich town of Abqaiq

Many of the victims were women, as the females were segregated at the celebration in line with tradition. However men and children were also among the casulties according to Al Arabiya.

An investigation has been ordered into the incident, after a similar event happened at a wedding in July 1999, when 76 people were killed.

Celebratory gunfire was banned by the Saudi Arabian government last month after an increase in the incidence of fatal and serious injuries during public events, reported the Saudi Arabian press agency.