Superstorm Sandy: 126 Killed, Brits Stranded, US Elections Resume And Fears For Haiti (PICTURES)

A day after Sandy made landfall on the American east coast, those affected in the US and Caribbean are counting the human, economic and political cost of the devastating superstorm.

The latest death toll stands at 126, 71 in the Caribbean and 55 along America's Atlantic coast, although this is likely to rise as the cleanup continues.

In the Caribbean, a month-long state of emergency has been declared on the island of Haiti as damaged crops and flooding raise fears of food shortages and cholera.

Auditing firm PwC have estimated that the economic cost of the storm in the US could be as much as £27.9bn ($45bn). Interruptions to the day-to-day running of the economy make up a significant amount of the losses and around 20% will be from insurance claims.

Despite the widespread damage and power outages, the New York Stock Exchange opened on Wednesday after being closed for two days.

With only a week to go before the US presidential elections, the campaigns of both candidates were both severely disrupted by the storm. On Wednesday, Romney was back on the campaign trail in Florida whilst President Obama is touring New Jersey, one of the worst hit areas.