05/11/2012 11:06 GMT | Updated 05/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Body Artist Guido Daniele's Wild Handimals And Amazing Handscapes

In the world of body art, Guido Daniele is both a senior figure and leading innovator.

With a career spanning back to 1968, the Italian began working as an illustrator specialising in hyper-realism before moving onto body painting in 1990 - a discipline he has since perfected, so much so that his work is sought after by some of the world's biggest advertising companies.

It always feels a little disappointing to see an impressive piece of art or a great idea with a mobile phone or a watch placed clumsily around it, but Daniele's commercial prowess doesn't detract from how impressive his artworks are.


As well as products, Daniele's work as been used to help promote charities like the WWF

In particular we love the hand paintings. Taking the most unconventional 'canvas' on the human body, Daniele can transform fingers and palms into anything, from wild animals (or 'handimals') to extreme landscapes ('handscapes'). It's no wonder advertisers see his work as the perfect way to sprinkle their handheld items with a little magic.

Yet for an artist who has worked so closely with advertising companies for years, Daniele, now in his 60s, retains the voice and ambition of a young artist about to take on the world.

"I want to try to paint all what is possible to paint on hands and bodies: animals, flowers, materials, architectures, objects, cars, dreams...." he tells The Huffington Post.

"Now I am 62 years old, I only have 20 years more to find my artistic visionary in this world, in this life.

"In my next life I would love to be doctor, surgeon, inventor or scientist and do something for make the human life less suffering than what is now for everybody - build a better world."

Whatever happens to Daniele in his 'next life', in this one, he's already left plenty to make people smile.

Check out his work below and let us know what you think.

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