06/11/2012 12:13 GMT

Praying Mantis Rides Snail Through Borneo Jungle (PICTURES)

Check out this praying mantis totally bossing a trek through the Borneo jungle - on the back of a SNAIL.

Yes, it may not be the fastest mode of transport for the discerning traveller, but at least the green chap isn't getting his feet wet.

The slightly sinister sight was captured by snapper Nordin Seruyan in central Borneo, this week.


Ride em, er, mantis: The delicate green insect commandeers a snail

The 35-year-old had observed the baby mantis being knocked from his leaf by rain, sending him tumbling into a puddle.

Ever resourceful though, the insect managed to hitch a ride to safety via a passing land snail.