06/11/2012 10:50 GMT | Updated 06/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Jamie Oliver Slams Nick Grimshaw For Calling Robbie Williams 'Irrelevant' To Radio 1 Audience

Robbie Williams has found another ally in Jamie Oliver, who considers it totally wrong that the star singer be kept off the Radio 1 Playlist and that he should be reinstated immediately.

Oliver told Channel 5 News, "We love Robbie - what's the matter with them? Are they mad?"

The celebrity chef said that Radio 1's breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw was totally wrong to call Williams "irrelevant", adding, "I think he's wrong, we love a bit of Robbie, get him on!"

robbie williams

Robbie Williams doing an interview at Heart FM - where he's still welcome

And he praised Williams' new song 'Candy', which has gone straight to the top of the chart this week, saying "Yes new style isn't it? Get's you jigging a bit."

Grimshaw had previously told 5 News that the former Take That star wasn't relevant for his audience - "They've got One Direction." Read more here...

However, Grimshaw played the song on his breakfast show this week and admitted: "I quite like the new song."

A spokesman for the BBC said last week: "Radio 1 see it not as a question of age, but of relevance. They think there are acts more appropriate to their target audience of 15-29."