Robbie Williams

Featuring dodgy fashion, A-list stunts and a truly iconic speech from Geri Halliwell.
This Golden Globes is being co-hosted remotely from both coasts of the US this year, for obvious reasons. The Robbie Williams movie is set to be directed by the guy who helmed The Greatest Showman and The Celebrity Circle tees up on Channel 4.
Director Michael Gracey, who helmed the 2017 box office smash, is bringing the Take That star's story to life.
Children In Need raised more than £37 million during its 40th anniversary show on Friday.
This week in entertainment, after Kanye West announced his run for the White House, so we pick our favourite fantasy presidents. Elsewhere, Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ turned 20 years old (!) and we share the music and shows we’re loving as lockdown eases.
It's been 20 years since the all-singing, all-dancing, all-stripping, all-vital-organ-eating video made its debut.
Robbie debuted the controversial music video for the song in 2000.