06/11/2012 16:01 GMT | Updated 06/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Election Miscellany: The Strangest Stories Emerging From The 2012 Presidential Election

311,591,917 people. 50 states. Two candidates and just one election. What could possibly go wrong as America goes to the polls in 2012?

As voting gets well and truly under way, reports are emerging from across the pond of all sorts of unusual blips in the great democratic process, from hastily covered-up polling station propaganda to devious voting machines with their own political agenda.

To fuel the conspiracy theorist in you and keep us amused as this long night to a new world order unfurls, we'll be gathering the oddest tit bits, twit pics and rumours from around the web and cramming them into the slideshow below.

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Strangest Election Stories