Carl Warner, Foodscape Photographer Is The 'Willy Wonka' Of Edible Art (PICTURES)

Food Fantasy World Will Get Your Stomach Rumbling

Boulevards of cheese, candy cottages and broccoli forests make up this enchanting fantasy world of food.

The mouth-watering sights were created by foodscape photographer Carl Warner, who likens his work to that of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.

But Warner veers away from the enticing yet sinister symbolism of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, instead using his creations to encourage healthier eating among younger children.

He said: “I use my work as a vehicle to get kids to think about what they are eating.

“Kids will look at a pile of chips and tomato sauce and go ‘yummy yummy'. But show them a pile of asparagus and they will go ‘eurgh, yucky green food’.

“It is almost like colour prejudice for food. But make asparagus become a rocket or turrets on a castle and it makes it much more engaging for them."

Warner starts work by drawing his ideas on paper.

He then buys the produce and spends between one and three days assembling it with the help of pins and superglue.

He then photographs it layer after layer from the foreground to the background and assembles them into one image in post-production.

Warner, who was born in Liverpool, said the work rekindled the 'childhood imagination' in adults.

However, he said it had also resulted in a lot of unpleasant emails accusing him of "wasting food when children are starving".

“It is something I seem to get but I just think some people are being ignorant about what they are looking at and what it actually does,” he added.

He said many hospitals, nutritionists and charities had used his images to help people in positive way.

“I don’t consider it to be a waste of food just because it isn’t necessarily eaten - it is a very positive use,” he said.


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