A To'ak chocolate bar is one of the world's most expensive, at £400 a bar in Harrods. Harvested from a single origin cacao tree, considered the “holy grail” of cacao trees in Ecuador. The makers hope people will enjoy and experience the chocolate as they do fine wines and whiskies.
Chew on this: There are two new flavours of Jelly Belly candies guaranteed to raise a stink.
Just in time for Halloween, these are some of the top-selling candies by state. 🎃 🍭
Halloween is upon us again, the yearly sugar fest that is matched only by Easter and Christmas. It's a treat or treat bonanza, with a big payday for retailers and families stocking up on cheap candy weeks ahead as if their lives depend on it. Newsflash: Stores do not run out of sweets. And we all know what happens to a stash of goodies at home
As I am someone who both reviews and judges chocolate, my husband has decided to give up ever buying me any foodie treats unless I specify and pretty much buy it for him to give to me (a la Christmas). NOT romantic in the least.
Robbie Williams has unveiled the video for his next single, 'Different'. The 'Candy' singer plays both an orchestra conductor
CHART TOPPERS Robbie Williams laid claim to the pop throne on Sunday as he reigned supreme across both singles and album
Boulevards of cheese, candy cottages and broccoli forests make up this enchanting fantasy world of food. The mouth-watering
Robbie Williams has threatened to quit touring and revert back to his alien obsession if his new single doesn't take off
Robbie Williams has unveiled the video for his new single Candy. The video sees Williams play a guardian angel who is run
Robbie Williams may spend much of his time sunning himself in LA these days, but when it came to launching his new single
What with the festive season now nothing but a blurry, blurry distant memory, we were in desperate need of something uplifting