08/11/2012 10:54 GMT | Updated 09/11/2012 00:55 GMT

How Easy Is Windows 8 To Operate When Drunk? (VIDEO)

Microsoft has worked hard before and since the launch of its Windows 8 operating system to educate users about how to manipulate the next-gen UI.

Unfortunately it neglected to focus on one key demographic: the inebriated.

A video has turned up online courtesy of 'Three Sheets Research', in which a person appears to try Windows 8 for the first time while totally drunk.

Unsurprisingly, the touch-based interface turns out to be pretty hard to operate after a few ales.

Let us also say for the record that 'Three Sheets Research' only has two blog posts on its website, and the whole thing has a slightly uncomfortable feel about it, in our view. It's also possible that it's fake.

Still, from a certain point of view it's an interesting video - despite the fact that when you're drunk you rarely have any business being online anyway.