08/11/2012 04:03 GMT | Updated 08/11/2012 04:03 GMT

British Man Stranded In Yacht, Between New Zealand And Tonga, Awaits Rescue

A British man and a New Zealand woman, marooned in a yacht which rolled in the Pacific ocean are awaiting rescue Thursday morning.

The yacht, called Windigo, is now upright after being damaged, but could still sink, according to the BBC.

Rescue co-ordinators told the BBC that the 52-old-man and 43-year-old woman both have head injuries, and the British man suffered a back injury.

They are currently around 700km south-west of Tonga and 1,260km north-east of New Zealand, having left Tonga two days ago.

A freighter and a yacht have set off to the scene and expected to reach the marooned yacht overnight.

A New Zealand Air Force plane has also dropped a life raft, the BBC reported.

A Maritime New Zealand spokesman told the BBC: "The yacht's upright but it's lost a few windows and is taking on water and there is a risk it will sink.

"They have their own life raft but at the moment it's safer for them to stay on the vessel."

Fairfax News' reported search and rescue mission coordinator Keith Allen saying: “It will be extremely uncomfortable and the people aboard are tired, but the yacht is still afloat so the correct approach is to remain onboard.”