11/11/2012 18:40 GMT | Updated 11/01/2013 05:12 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Helen Flanagan Screams And Shrieks Her Way Through First Episode Of The Series (Pictures)

'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' is barely ninety minutes old this series, and already Helen Flanagan has proved herself a prime candidate for election into any bushtucker trials.

Just as Gillian McKeith ensured she got put up for everything because of her squeamishness, so it would seem Helen is going the same way. The Coronation Street star was smothered in mascara of the non-waterproof variety after her perilous entry into the camp - on swinging tree-high planks of wood - got her wobbling, weeping and screaming in equal measure.

And once in the camp, she had problems sleeping, with a rat wandering around next to her bed. How did the rat know which one would give him the most attention?! "Briiiiaaaan," she yelled, in the hope that Brian Connelly, one of her protectors would come running. Alas, he slept through.

Come the morning, and she found to her horror that camp tasks were to be divided up, with even the dunny to be emptied on a regular basis. More shrieks, deafened only be Charlie Brooks's retching from that quarter.

Helen, in both happy and unhappy times already...

I'm A Celeb: Helen Flanagan

Unsurprisingly, she's been nominated to participate in the next Bushtucker Trial, where she's up against Nadine Dorries (with many comments on Twitter that the latter's votes had come mostly from Number 10 accounts). Helen had lots of encouragement from her team-mates, and she's got just the outfit.

While many of the bushmates were wandering around in windcheaters, Helen proved she's tougher than she looks, braving the elements in a slightly-too-small bikini. Nadine should be scared.

But, despite all this, Helen still didn't have the biggest meltdown. That honour went to Hugo, gulping like Kermit and finally falling apart. More here...

These are some of your first, funniest reactions to Hugo, Helen and the others in the jungle...

I'm A Celeb: Helen Flanagan