nadine dorries

Former culture secretary claimed Johnson was a "lone voice" rejecting calls for lockdown.
The levelling up secretary was targeted by protesters during Saturday's demonstration.
"It’s called The Plot. You can buy it if you want," says the BBC presenter at the end of bizarre interview about new book.
The prime minister joked that the new Labour MP in her old deat will probably be nicer to him.
The Tories' 25,000 majority in Mid Bedfordshire was toppled in a huge blow for Rishi Sunak.
The party is defending two safe seats - but Labour and the Lib Dems are aiming to pile more misery on Rishi Sunak.
The two parties are "knocking lumps out of each other" as they try to beat the Tories.
The prime minister was grilled over the former MP on BBC Radio Three Counties.
The Tories currently hold both Mid-Bedfordshire and Tamworth with huge majorities.