nadine dorries

Outgoing Tory MP attacks Rishi Sunak and his political aide James Forsyth for not getting a seat in the House of Lords she was promised by Boris Johnson.
The former cabinet minister has replaced Boris Johnson as part of an archaic process that means she has finally resigned as an MP.
Nadine Dorries fumed, Boris Johnson lobbed a grenade, Paul Scully was snubbed and Nicola Sturgeon protested her innocence
"I wasn’t prepared to do that," the prime minister hit back.
It's another by-election headache for Rishi Sunak.
The former culture secretary said it had been an "honour" to serve in the Commons.
Accepting the peerages could lead to crunch by-elections – including for Nadine Dorries' seat as Tory MP is slated to sit in the House of Lords.
The cabinet office warned Boris Johnson it will pull public funding for his legal advice if he “undermines the government’s position”.
The close ally of the former prime minister said "making a return is the last thing on his mind".