nadine dorries

Insiders believe dozens more Conservatives will end up quitting parliament.
The Tory backbencher resigned as deputy prime minister and justice secretary last month following a bullying inquiry.
"Her entire world view is based on political conspiracies and imagined enemies."
The former cabinet minister already has her own show on Talk TV.
The former PM's close ally says he has been tried by a "kangaroo court".
The former culture secretary stayed true to form by sticking up for her old boss on Twitter.
Nadine Dorries also appeared to accuse fellow Tories of bullying.
The Joe Lycett's Got Your Back host was named Comedy Game-Changer during this year's ceremony.
On her talk show, Nadine Dorries suggests a "little titchy bounce in the polls" is down to the MP's appointment as deputy chairman.
She also took a swipe at the Tory MPs who brought down Boris Johnson.