12/11/2012 13:11 GMT | Updated 12/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Digital Magazine Awards 2012: Vote For The Cover Of The Year (SLIDESHOW)

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Digital magazines have never been more inventive or important - and the release in the past couple of weeks of some amazing new tablets has just reinforced that.

But while history might remember the birth of digital magazines for the revolution they sparked in distribution - and for saving a few trees - we'll also remember them for the plethora of truly awesome animated covers they have inspired.

This year the Huffington Post UK is partnering with the Digital Magazine Awards' for the Best Cover of 2012.

Each of the nominees has shown incredible creative imagination to get their nomination, and each deserves a closer look.

Voting for the award is free and open to the public, so after you've rifled through the digital newsstand, below, make sure to head over to their website and vote for your favourite.

Winners will be announced at the Proud Gallery, Camden, London on the afternoon of the 6th December, 2012.