14/11/2012 07:57 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 04:53 GMT

Good Giraffe Armstrong Baillie Travels Scotland Doing Good Deeds

A friendly giraffe that roams the streets of Scotland performing good deeds has attracted a cult following after telling of his acts of kindness.

Calling himself 'the Good Giraffe', 32-year-old Armstrong Baillie dresses up in his homemade costume two or three times a week then gets down to the business of being good.

Sometimes he hands free coffees to office workers, other times he cleans up litter. He also busks, playing the kazoo or the African drums to raise money for toys, which he gives to children at the nearest hospital.

Ever seen a busking giraffe? you have now

Baillie is open to suggestions for his next good deed and told the Huffington Post UK he keeps a blog where he asks people what good causes he could help. He said he posted a picture of a giant giraffe toy and asked who it should be donated to.

"One lady wrote that it should be given to this children's charity Hopskotch so when I get the money - it's £75, I'll give it to them."

Originally from Glasgow he said he got the inspiration after having his spirits lifted by man dressed up as a gorilla playing drums in Edinburgh.

However he chose giraffe because it suited his personality. He said: "My head is in the clouds too."

Currently unemployed, Baillie said it would be ideal if he could make the good giraffe his job.

"It would be good to get sponsors so I could make this my full time occupation," he said.

As he travels up and down Scotland, he meets hundreds of people and keeps a log book so they can write him messages.

"Most of them say I make their day. The reaction has all been positive," he added.

"I think my favourite comment [in the book] was from this three-year-old and four-year-old who met me. One wrote "I think you're really cool, then her friend wrote next to her message, I think you're really REALLY cool.

"Stuff like that just goes to show 'what goes around comes around'. That's my message."

However it's not all good news on the streets of Scotland.

"Dogs are sometimes frightened or a bit curious of me. One time a beagle chased me and my tail."