14/11/2012 05:02 GMT | Updated 13/01/2013 05:12 GMT

McLaren To Power Formula E All-Electric Racing Championship

If you've ever seen a Formula One race - or its frankly absurd street cars - you might not expect McLaren to make electric vehicles.

Well, not only would you be wrong already (in a sense), but now the company has announced it will also power the FIA's all-new Formula E electric racing championship.

McLaren Electronic Systems will provide the engine, transmission and electronics for the all-electric racing cars for the FIA World Championship Formula E.

It is a key partner of - and will work closely with - Spark Racing Technology, led by Frédéric Vasseur, to create and assemble the cars.

The Formula E championships will have a global reach when it kicks off in 2014. Details of where races will be held, have not yet been announced except that they will be largely city-based races.

India and Miami have already been mooted as possible circuits.

McLaren says:

"As well as being an exciting new urban race series, it will facilitate the development of important new electric car technology which could one day feature in mainstream road cars and be of significant benefit to the environment."

Martin Whitmarsh, CEO McLaren Group and Team Principal of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, said in a statement:

"I'm a passionate believer in the role that motorsport can play in showcasing and spearheading the development of future technologies, and regard the Formula E concept as an exciting innovation for global motorsport."