14/11/2012 03:57 GMT

News Reporter Gustavo Almodovar's Sign-Off Goes Viral (VIDEO)

We don't really know why we find this funny. But we do. And we're hoping you will, too. (Actually, that could be our new tagline.)

Anyway, it's time to spend 38 seconds in the company of one-time US news reporter Gustavo Almodovar, whose signature sign-off was very probably the best ever. Just watch the video above to see what we mean.

Watched it? Jolly good. You're copying his style right now - aren't you?

Apparently, Gustavo no longer works for the Eyewitness News network in Orange County - but his TV talents will live on forever, thanks to this 2008 sign-off supercut that's recently been unearthed and is now in the process of going viral.

And now - continuing with the news reporter kick - let's have a look at some classic live TV fails...

(Via Slacktory)