15/11/2012 08:16 GMT

50 Shades Of Grey - Read In 50 Famous Voices (VIDEO)

And today's tip of the hat goes to the self-styled Man Of A Kajillion Voices, impressionist Brock Baker.

Mr Baker, you see, has read 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' so you don't have to. And not only that: he's read it out loud in 50 different voices.

Just click play on the video above to see what EL James's modern, erm, classic sounds like in the hands - or rather: lungs - of Robert De Niro, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Christopher Walken... and 46 others.

And if that's put you in the mood (as it were) - here are just a fistful (sorry) of the other 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' parodies out there:

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