15/11/2012 06:30 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 06:35 GMT

'Guess Who?' Prank (VIDEO)

Now, you may think that the most important question one could ever ask oneself is "What would Jesus do?". But you'd be wrong. Because the most important question one could ask oneself is: "How do you respond when someone comes up to you from behind, puts their hands over your eyes, and says 'Guess who?!'".

And now, thankfully, that question has been asked. For some people, at least. Specifically: the people at Brigham Young University in Utah, who recently got pranked by a young man by the name of Andrew Hales.

Hales went from stranger to stranger doing exactly that - and kept up the ruse even when he revealed who he was, and was met by bemused looks from people saying "I have no idea who you are".

Watch the video above to see how Hales responds - and if you're in the mood for more pranks, check out our little video collection below: