The Carp And The Seagull: Stunning Web-GL-Driven Video Could Change The 3D Web

The Carp And The Seagull: Stunning Web-GL-Driven Video

An incredibly innovative real-time 3D film produced entirely in WebGL has been published online - and it might be the most haunting thing you see all week.

'The Carp and the Seagull' is described as "an experiment in space and user-driven narrative".

Viewers interact with the characters by clicking around the scene, and spinning the action in 360-degrees to reveal new insights and perspectives.

From one point of view the film is just a man in a boat, watching falling snow and birds as he fishes. From another he takes on the form of a giant angel, still in a boat, swarmed by monsters and pyschadelic shapes.

The Creators Project, a global initiative by Vice & Intel, commissioned London-based Nexus Interactive Arts' Evan Boehm to make the film.

He is known for other high-tech artworks including Project Runway in New York and The Machine of Truth at this year's Cannes Lions.

Its makers explain:

So what is the significance of this piece of work? Well WebGL, which makes real-time 3D graphics in web pages possible, is still considered an emerging technology but promises to transform the online storytelling experience. This piece of work is a powerful and unique example of exactly how this can be achieved and is designed as a catalyst to encourage more people to consider using WebGL as a technology for storytelling.

The making-of can be see at the bottom of this post, but we recommend you check it out on your own - it really is something special.


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