Tulisa Branded A Home-Wrecker By New Boyfriend Danny Simpson's Ex Stephanie Ward

Why Has Tulisa Been Branded A Home-Wrecker?

UPDATE: Tulisa's has released the following statement through her lawyers: "Tulisa categorically denies any allegation that she entered any relationship with Danny Simpson while he was still in a relationship with Victoria Ward, or that she was aware of Victoria Ward's claim to be pregnant with Danny Simpson's child. She has instructed her lawyers to deal firmly with all those who have published those allegations to ensure that they are retracted."

Tulisa Contostavlos has been branded a "home-wrecker" by the estranged girlfriend of her reported new beau, footballer Danny Simpson.

'The X Factor' judge has been spotted cosying up to the Newcastle United star on several dates, and they were seen enjoying each other's company at a hotel in Manchester earlier this week.

She then reportedly spent the night at his £1m pad in Northumberland on Thursday and he drove her to Newcastle airport so she could catch a flight back to London in preparation for this weekend's 'X Factor' shows.

The X Factor Judge Has Been Branded 'A Home- Wrecker'

But the romance has been blasted by Stephanie Ward, the pregnant on/off girlfriend of Simpson who is adamant she is still the sports star's girlfriend.

“We’ve been off-and-on for the last seven years - but absolutely solid for the last two. As far as I’m concerned he has cheated on me because we hadn’t broken up or anything.

“I have a baby on the way and a little girl who’s 1 and a half. If he wants to leave that, then that’s up to him. But I won’t be here for him if he comes back.

"I don’t care any more. He’s made his bed so he can lie in it. She’s a home-wrecker and has destroyed my family.”

Never one to back down from a barney, Tulisa took to her Twitter in the early hours of Friday morning to blast Stephanie's claims.

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