17/11/2012 07:01 GMT | Updated 19/11/2012 07:34 GMT

David Beckham 'Tired Of Star-Struck Cabin Crew'

david beckham

David Beckham is reportedly getting tired of the adoration of star-struck cabin crew when he travels with British Airways, so he is thinking of flying with a different company.

The footballer travels thousands of miles each year with the airline, taking trips between the US and the UK, but he might start using a different carrier because of the attention he receives en route.

While both David and his wife Victoria are used to the paparazzi taking pictures when they land at airports, David has been finding it is happening mid-air as well.

Becks apparently made his decision during a recent flight when an air hostess allegedly took a photo of him asleep, and woke him up with the flash of her camera. The airline has apologised to David and reminded its staff that they need to act professionally and respect their passengers during flights.

A source told The Sun that David is more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs and is happy to go the extra mile for his fans, but he needs to draw the line somewhere.

The insider said: "It was a bit disconcerting watching young BA crew members queuing down the aisle for autographs during flights. His privacy must be respected, and being startled as he rested during a flight was the final straw."