17/11/2012 12:17 GMT

Tulisa's Boyfriend Defended Against Cheating Allegations

Tulisa's new boyfriend Danny Simpson has been defended by his housemate over allegations he cheated on his longtime girlfriend with the reality TV star.

The singer-turned-The X Factor judge has been dating Newcastle United star Danny Simpson for two weeks, but his former partner Stephanie Ward has claimed she was still with Danny when Tulisa arrived on the scene.

Speaking to The Mirror, Danny's friend and housemate Stephen Orife said the footballer and his girlfriend split up in April, and Stephanie has been living in Manchester since.

He said: "I know both Dan and Steph really well, and I believe their relationship was over. I used to babysit for them when they were together. It is unfair to describe Tulisa as a homewrecker – this has not been Stephanie's home since April."

Stephanie has revealed that she is pregnant with her second child.

Tulisa has also denied she split up the relationship, and branded Stephanie a "nutta" in a Twitter post. She also released an official statement to deny knowing about Stephanie's pregnancy.