19/11/2012 14:04 GMT | Updated 19/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Street Artist Slinkachu's Global Model Village Project Creates Lives In Miniature (PICTURES)

From Jonathan Swift's Gulliver to Mary Norton's Borrowers, great imaginations have long been drawn to the idea of life in miniature.

Slinkachu's work is the same fascination manifested in street art, and it has proven a big hit. The London-based artist's Global Model Village project has the subject of a book and exhibitions in London and New York this year alone.

Travelling the world with his small plastic figures, Slinkachu arranges them in tiny dramas or moments of humour that play out against a backdrop of vast urban environments.

the last resort

The Last Resort by Slinkachu

As you switch from close ups of the figures to wide shots in which they are barely visible, a sense of the essential loneliness and solitude of city life begins to emerge.

Or perhaps, as with Swift and Norton, a simpler pleasure to take from this project is imagining how the world would seem if you really were just a few inches tall, a fantasy every bit as enduring as wondering what it would be like to fly or turn invisible.

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