David Beckham To Leave LA Galaxy, Who Should He Move To Next?

PSG? QPR? Where To Next For David Beckham? Here Are The Odds

David Beckham's decision to end his five-and-a-half-years with LA Galaxy will have sent clubs around the globe scurrying to tempt the former England captain to their league. There is no suggestion Beckham is eyeing retirement just yet, so one club will be fortunate enough to become the sixth the 37-year-old will have played for. But where to?

China? Japan? South Korea? Australia? UAE? QPR? That's Queens Park Rangers, not an unknown Middle Eastern country. The possibilities are endless if a little cynical. As much as purists loathe the word brand, that is what Beckham is: brand first, footballer second.

Last week Football Federation Australia said they had been in talks with the ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid winger only for Beckham's representatives to scoff at such suggestions almost instantly. Perth Glory then, in a bid for some publicity, said they had made him an offer. Imagine Victoria in one of the world's most isolated cities...

The impact of his image in Asia is huge since the days when he toured the continent as an early 20-something with United. Subsequent tours with Real Madrid - as well as the 2002 World Cup - will have only augmented Beckham's appeal, so perhaps he is considering whether to capitalise on the lucre he generates in the Asian market.