Inconsolable Kid Really Didn't Want Obama To Win (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sulky Kid Is Inconsolable Over Obama's Victory

Remember Mitt Romney? Oh come on! You must do: slick-looking fella, binders full of women, has a bit of a thing for Big Bird... No? Oh well. Maybe he'll turn up in 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' in a few years' time. That should jog your memory.

Anyway, even if you can't quite place him, we think we've found one little boy who will never forget him. The distraught kid in the video above really, really wanted Romney to be US president. And no matter what his mother says to placate him, he's incandescent with rage that more people voted for Barack Obama instead.

Mind you, we can't help thinking the kid was just trying to pull a fast one to get a day off school. We tried much the same stunt when Michael Foot failed to usurp Margaret Thatcher in 1983, you know. We failed miserably, of course. But at least there was no such thing as YouTube in those days.

Still, this kid wasn't the only Republican to have an OTT reaction to Obama's victory...

Angry Republicans React To Obama's Win


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