If 'Grand Theft Auto' Starred A Horse (VIDEO)

WATCH: Poonikins The Horse Stars In 'Grand Theft Auto'

You know what we really love about our jobs? No, it's not just that we get paid to look for cute cat videos on YouTube. It's being able to provide clear and concise answers to the questions that have doubtless been bothering our beloved users for some time.

And today's very important question is: what would 'Grand Theft Auto' be like if it starred a horse called Poonikins, The Magic Warrior Princess? Yes, at last! The answer is here - in the form of the video above. It's the awesome work of YouTuber Birgir Pall, in case you were wondering.

Want to see another gaming spoof while you're here? Let's take a trip down memory lane to... er... three weeks ago...

(Via The Poke)


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