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Many of the world’s most popular digital and video-games are played by children, from Fortnite to Minecraft. While both of these games are by and large child-friendly, kids are playing plenty of others that perhaps aren’t.
Worried about whether GTA or Fortnite are appropriate for your child?
Over the years there's been a lot of research about video games and violence
As anyone who has ever played Grand Theft Auto can attest video games have not, in the past, exactly been known as bastions
I was flicking through the i newspaper the other day when one particular article grabbed my attention. According to a new 12-month study for the National Citizen Service, almost half of teenagers in Yorkshire and the Humber (48%) think the area they live in will negatively influence their chances in life. This was the highest rate in the country.
Grand Theft Auto publisher Rockstar Games has confirmed the arrival of a long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed
Rare insight into secretive state unveiled in a data dump on GitHub.