Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead On Miami School Bus, Male Student In Custody

Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead In Front Of Sister On School Bus

A 13-year-old girl who was shot on a Miami school bus on Tuesday morning has died, according to NBC Miami.

She was airlifted to hospital but could not be saved.

Associated Press reports that a male student is being questioned by police and a gun was also recovered at the scene.

The motive of the shooting is not known.

MDPD spokesman Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told NBCMiami: "[Investigators] were able to immediately determine that the shooting occurred inside the bus, and that the alleged shooter was also inside the bus.

"He was immediately taken into custody. He was detained, placed in a police car. We were able to recover the firearm."

There were about eight other students on the bus, including the victim's seven-year-old sister. None of the other children was injured.

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