'X Factor' Bad Boy Frankie Cocozza Slams The Show, Admits He Can See Why He's Compared To Rylan

Thought You'd Heard The Last Of Frankie? Think Again

If you thought you'd heard the last from Frankie Cocozza think again, he's still bleating on about how the 'X Factor' screwed him over...

He also confesses he was a novelty act and admits: "Yes. My performances were s***. I knew they were s***, I don’t blame people at all for comparing me to Rylan."

Frankie Cocozza on Celebrity Big Brother

Cocozza, who was kicked off the 2011 series of the 'X Factor' after he was caught taking cocaine, this month released his first single 'She's Got A Motorcycle' and his debut album 'The Motorcycle EP'.

True to his word, Cocozza has produced the more indie rock style that he claims he's all about. Before he was 'forced' to perform Black Eyed Peas on the X Factor, he sang a Zutons song and performed tracks by The Kinks and Primal Scream during the live shows.

Asked how he'd describe his music, Cocozza told The Sun: "It’s the music I like, the music you’d expect me to perform. Not like the stuff I did on 'The X Factor'."

Watch the video for his single, which has had nearly 500,000 views, below:


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