22/11/2012 06:08 GMT | Updated 21/01/2013 10:12 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Nadine Dorries Is The First Contestant To Be Voted Out Of The Jungle

Nadine Dorries MP might have gone into 'I'm a Celebrity' jungle to find out what people really want, but it's not her, apparently, with the politician becoming the first contestant to be voted off the show.

"I was hoping I could change the way people view MPs," she reflected afterwards, although she added that she'd had a great time in the jungle, "I learnt to be myself again. It's changed my life."


She had previously been one of the first to duck out of the Bed Bugs trial, where she was found herself in an enclosed sleeping space with scorpions, which meant she wasn't granted the immunity from being voted off that was granted to five of her bush mates.

And she participated in an equally gruelling trial earlier in the competition, where she had to eat camel's toe, ostrich anus and a kangaroo testicle.

"The public don't understand how hard it is down there, the effect on your body," she told presenters Ant and Dec afterwards. "It's hard, hard, hard."

Helen And Nadine Round 1

But she remained positive about the effect on her political outlook that taking part had had...

"I've had some fascinating conversations in there. 12 million people watch this programme. More people vote in 'X Factor' finals and 'I'm A Celeb' than vote during the general election. MPs have to go where people go.

"I came here slightly self important for the first few days, and i've completely found myself. MPs are slightly full of themselves, I come from a council estate, I would never have thought I was like that, I do now."


Nadine predicted boxer David Haye to win the competition, with Helen Flanagan and Eric Bristow to make up the final three.

The MP had the Conservative Party whip removed while she was in the competition - so when she gets back to the UK, she might have another battle on her hands that make those jungle critters look positively benign.


Limahl, former frontman of 80s band Kajagoogoo is the favourite for tonight's elimination, according to betting comparison site Oddschecker.com, with his odds at 6/4. Hugo Taylor is second favourite for the axe at 4/1.

Rosemary Shrager's bossy cooking lessons may have alienated the likes of Eric Bristow, but the cheery cheerleader is the new favourite to win this year's series, with her odds shortened to 7/2 overnight - possibly since she showed her inner pluck, staying put, even snoring, while the critters swarmed over her in the Beds Bugs trial.

David Haye is still a favourite, too, along with EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks.

Former Kajagoogoo singer Limahl is favourite for tonight’s elimination and is just 6/4 to leave the jungle, whilst Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor is 4/1 to swap the Australia for West London and be booted out.