22/11/2012 17:11 GMT | Updated 22/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Metro: Last Light 'Survivor Series' Trailer (VIDEO)

It's almost Christmas, so you're probably in the mood for some post-apocalyptic terror.

Fortunately, a new cinematic trailer for Metro: Last Light has just been released - and while it's not the cheeriest watch, it's certainly compelling.

The intro text explains:

"They fled to the refuge of the Metro and escaped Armageddon. Now beneath the toxic wastelands, these lucky few adapt to survive in this new and inhospitable world, an unrelenting purgatory."

This is the first of the 'Survivor Series', a new set of trailers after the original was released earlier this year. Look out for more episodes soon.

Metro: Last Light is the highly anticipated follow-up to Metro 2033, and will be released in 2013.