22/11/2012 04:05 GMT

Happy Thanksgiving! The Muppets' Swedish Chef Shows Us How To Prepare A Turkey (VIDEO)

Now, we know we're British an' all*. But now that the internet has made us all into one happy global family, we feel it's only right that we say Happy Thanksgiving! And find a silly clip to celebrate this most American of holidays.

Well, we say 'most American' - but as Thanksgiving dinners include turkey, cranberry sauce and sprouts, you could be forgiven for thinking that they're an awful lot like our British Christmas dinners.

Which means that, once you've watched the video above, you can store it safely away for a month, and watch it all over again at Christmas time. Because it involves, as you've no doubt been able to tell from the headline, the Muppets' Swedish Chef showing us how to get that turkey ready for basting.

It is, we'll sure you'll agree, a one-minute classic. And if it's put you in the mood to indulge in more Swedish Chef silliness, then look no further than our round-up of clips below. Altogether now: "Hurdee-git-dee-gurrrrdee...!"

*That sounds suspiciously American - Ed.

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