24/11/2012 11:45 GMT

Jamie Oliver And Wife Jools Planning For Fifth Baby?

Jamie Oliver's wife wants to expand their already large family by adding a fifth child to the brood, but the celebrity chef wants to "call it a day" so the couple can spend more time together.

With a string of successful TV shows, books and restaurants to his name and being a father of four, Jamie can hardly be blamed for wanting to spend more time alone with his wife, Jools.

However, the cookery expert told The Mirror that if Jools gets her way, they will be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet again soon.

He said: "She would love a number five but I would like to call it a day. I sort of feel like we are just out of nappies now and I have got four kids and it's more than enough. It's quite hard to have time for each other when you have four kids so I don't want another excuse for me and Jools not to have time together."

Jamie went on to insist he will consider having another child if Jools really wants one, but he just wants to have more time with his partner: "If she really, really wants another one then she might get her way but I am very blessed with what I’ve got.

"I really like my wife and would really like to see more of her on her own. I think that is what most parents struggle to do, get their own time. When you have really young ones you have all the excuses under the sun to not go out."

However, Jamie is hoping for a few "hot dates" soon now his youngest child, son Buddy, is growing up.