24/11/2012 10:22 GMT

Pensioner Saves The Day After Bus Driver Passes Out

A "brave" pensioner has been praised by police after he grabbed the wheel of a bus after its driver passed out.

Alfred Throop, 67, was on a bus in Hastings Road, Northfields, on Thursday when the incident happened.

Realising the driver was unconscious, he grabbed the wheel and steered it to the side of the road.

Leicestershire Police confirmed a driver was "taken ill at the wheel" and that they believed Throop gained control of the bus.

A spokeswoman said: "Mr Throop's brave actions prevented the bus from causing further damage and serious injury to members of the public."

Throop, from Leicester, told the Leicester Mercury: "I can't really remember what I was thinking - I just thought I'd better get the bus out of the road quickly, so I grabbed the wheel and steered it to the kerb away from the people."

"It felt like a scene from James Bond."