26/11/2012 12:56 GMT

Frankie & Benny's Serves Whisky To Toddler In Greenwich Restaurant

Restaurant chain Frankie and Benny's has apologised after a three-year-old was accidentally served alcohol at its Greenwich branch in London.

Thomas Horne is the second toddler to be taken to hospital after being served whisky at the restaurant chain, after a two-year-old was accidentally served the beverage in Swansea last month.

Angela, Thomas's mother, told The Sun the toddler "gulped down about a third of it" before saying he didn't like the drink, which was when she discovered it had whisky in it.

Horne was monitored by doctors after drinking the alcohol and is now recovering at home.

Frankie and Benny's said in a statement on Monday: "Frankie and Benny’s deeply regrets the accidental incident that occurred at their site in Greenwich and extend their sincerest apologies to the Horne family for any distress it has caused.

"However, unfortunately occasionally human errors occur and this is what has happened in this situation. F&B is committed to welcoming all customers and ensuring that they enjoy their time in our restaurants.”

Last month two-year-old Sonny Rees drunk an entire serving of whisky, which was put in his lime juice, at a Frankie and Benny's in Swansea.

Just very small amounts of alcohol can have a harmful effect on children and it is illegal to give alcohol to children under five.

Frankie and Benny's said the incident was down to "human error."

Sonny Rees' mother told the BBC at the time the strength of the serving "tasted like a double"

"The drinks arrived and I was encouraging him to take sips because he was eating salty things.

"We had finished our first course when we noticed he was pulling a face as he was drinking."