26/11/2012 02:45 GMT | Updated 26/11/2012 03:22 GMT

Marvin Humes Gets Niall Horan 'Personal' Gift As House-warming Present

JLS hunk Marvin Humes had a few tricks up his sleeve when he discovered his pal One Direction's Niall Horan wanted to buy his north London pad.

The cheeky singer planned on hiding stinky seafood in the curtains as a housewarming present for Niall but decided on a much less whiffy gift - a personalised cushion.

marvin humes

And Marvin even treated his pal to a 'mates rates' deal on the £2.2m luxury house.

He tells the Mirror: "I got him a moving in present. It was a cushion with a picture of himself on it. Our management had One Direction cushions so I got a Niall face and left it in the house for him to see."

Oh, the fun these millionaire pop stars get up to.

niall horan

Marvin decided to ditch his bachelor pad after walking down the aisle with Rochelle from The Saturdays over the summer. And the pair is going to need all the room they can get - they are expecting their first child.

Announcing the news on Twitter last week, the dad-to-be said: "Rochelle and I are SOOOOO excited to tell everyone that we are expecting our first baby!!! Its absolutely amazing! Baby is due middle of next year and all is great!! We are over the moon!"


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