26/11/2012 07:45 GMT

Man Dresses Up As Facebook Users, Sends Friend Requests (PHOTOS)

It's our favourite prank of the week - so far! (OK, as we write, it's only Monday morning - but the rest of this week's pranksters are going to have to work pretty hard to better this one.)

Finding himself at a loose end, Reddit user Casino Roy did a Facebook search for people with the same name as him. He then replicated their profile pictures, turned the results into his own profile snap then sent each namesake a friend request.

Wondering how people reacted to this unsolicited approach from a hitherto unheard-of doppelgänger? "None of them really got it," the prankster explains on Reddit. "They just got really creeped out and changed their profile pic immediately." And who can blame them?

Anyway, you'll be glad to hear that Casino Roy has posted the pictures on Imgur for us all to enjoy. And to make things even simpler, we've collated them all into one easy-to-view slideshow...

Copycat Facebook Friend Requests

(Via All images: Casino Roy)