26/11/2012 10:39 GMT

The Onion Talks: Social Media Experts Get Spoofed (VIDEO)

Ha! Remember The Onion Talks - in which the very funny people at The Onion spoof the very worthy and serious TED Talks? Well, they've just done another one. Woo-hoo!

This time, it's the turn of "social media experts" to get spoofed. "Because my firm charges lots of money, we've put social media on the the tongues of some of the biggest companies in the world," says the suitably silly little spod as he delivers the presentation to his captive audience.

He goes on to champion his company's lack of originality with a very convincing argument, and admits: "Remember, any teenager could have done what we did - for no money, and much better."

Of course, if you fancy expanding your brain rather than laughing at pseudo-brainboxes, you could always watch the real thing in our slideshow below instead. (But, frankly, where's the fun in that?)

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