27/11/2012 14:42 GMT | Updated 27/01/2013 10:12 GMT

#1ReasonWhy: Sexism In Video Games Highlighted On Twitter

Hundreds of video games fans, writers and professionals have taken to Twitter to decry discrimination against women they have experienced in the industry.

Using the hashtag #1reasonwhy to respond to a query about female games developers, many women and some men have used the tag to highlight harrowing tales of sexism.

While some of the stories concern the games themselves, others highlight the perception that women either don't make games - or don't make games that would appeal to a mass audience.

Several examples of perceived sexism have rocked the industry in 2012 - and much discussion has been had around how to overcome those issues.

But as the sheer volume of stories and experiences collected on Twitter show, there appears to be far more work to do: