27/11/2012 16:16 GMT | Updated 04/12/2012 13:15 GMT

Ghost Elevator Prank: Funny Or Terrifying? (VIDEO)

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be as afraid as the poor people in the video above.

This clip - from what appears to be the Brazilian equivalent of 'You've Been Framed', 'Programa Silvio Santos' - is going viral right now, and it shows various unsuspecting victims entering a lift in an office building, only to... Well, we don't think we should tell you what happens, lest we give the game away.

Instead, we simply suggest you click play on the video above, and marvel at the fact that it's not only Germans, but also Brazilian television audiences, who revel in Schadenfreude. Oh, as well as screaming and/or laughing at the prank itself, of course.

Be warned: it is pretty scary. And we feel terribly sorry for the poor people involved. We hope they were suitably compensated... or at least went home with a 'Programa Silvio Santos' T-shirt.


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(Via LiveLeak)