27/11/2012 06:02 GMT

Larry Hagman Dead: 'Dallas' Star To Be Honoured With Two Memorial Services

Late Dallas icon Larry Hagman will be honoured in two memorial services at the weekend.

The 81-year-old actor, who passed away on Friday due to complications from cancer, will be celebrated at two invitation-only Celebration For Larry services, held in Dallas, Texas and in Los Angeles.

Hagman's son Preston insists reports that the star's ashes will be scattered around the world are "premature".

larry hagman

Larry Hagman will have two memorial services

He tells People.com, "Right now we are going to be keeping his ashes within the family and we (are) going to wait for my mother to pass on so they can be together."

Preston explains that Maj Hagman, Larry's wife of 58 years, is "in the later stages of Alzheimer's," and is "not the person that she was, but she's very well taken care of."

He adds, "My father spoke to her and saw her every day. He was the most kind and caring man to my mother right up until the end."

Larry Hagman