27/11/2012 15:18 GMT

Meerkat Faces Spotted In Garden Fence (PHOTOS)

Truly, we are living in strange and wondrous times. And if you want more proof, just take a look at Pamela Warriner's garden fence in Dover, Kent...


As you quite clearly see, the knots in the grains of wood have mysteriously transformed into three grinning meerkat faces. Coincidence? We think not. This is obviously some kind of message from "above" and we ignore it at our peril.

While we ponder that thought, here's Pamela, 75, to point at her fence...


"When I went round to visit my mum I saw the markings on the fence for the first time," Pamela's son Marius told the Daily Mail. "I couldn’t believe it when I saw these three faces that look like meerkats. Mum and I compared the other side of the fence but that was normal.” (See what they did there? They compared the meerkats with the non-meerkats.)

Had quite enough of this nonsense? Take a tip from these sensible meerkats and have a little kip instead...